Zeolite Powder price

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Zeolite Powder price

Notapor fish73a » Mié, 25 Mar 2020, 22:22

Luoyang Jianlong Micro-Nano New Materials Co., LTD started as a small local producer of zeolite powder in 1990鈥檚 with a previous name of Luoyang Jianlong Chemicals Ltd. Now it is growing into a leading company of molecular sieve and activated alumina in whole Asia, supporting by 480 full staff in two modern plants of total foot print of 160,000 sq.m., well equipped labs and R&D center. We have over 300 existing clients across the world, Linde, Arkema, Messer, and more.
Jalon manufactures molecular sieves of a wide diversity, it delivers 40,000t synthetic zeolite powder and 22,000t mol sieves to global market one year. In addition, it has a production line for activated alumina with an annual yield of 2000 tons.
Luoyang Jianlong R&D center was established since the company foundation in 2002. At first, R&D center mainly supports synthetic zeolite powder and activated zeolite powder product development and quality control. On 2005, the company entered into molecular sieve industry. Next year, "Luoyang Molecular Sieve Engineering Technology Research Center" was set in Luoyang Jianlong. Now the lab has upgraded to "Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Engineering and Technology Research Center of Henan Province". The R&D has advanced equipment for synthetic zeolite powder and molecular sieve basic specification test, new product (including synthetic zeolite and molecular sieve) development and evaluation. The center is also open to public for technical service.
鈻?998 鈥?Company establishment
鈻?002 -1st Zeolite powder production line, 2000 t/y
鈻?004 - ISO9001:2000
鈻?005 - Zeolite powder, 20,000 t/y, Molecular Sieve, 2000 t/y
鈻?006 - Molecular Sieve Engineering and Technology Research Center
鈻?008 - National Hi-Tech Enterprise
鈻?010 - Oxygen-enrichment molecular sieve
鈻?014 - Luoyang Jianlong Adsorbent Material Park, Zeolite powder-40,000 tons/y, Molecular Sieve-15,000 tons/y.
鈻?015 - Company name Changed to Luoyang Jianlong Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd.
Listed on China New Third Board
Stock Code: 833540
Stock Name: Jianlong Weina
鈻?016 鈥?New automatic Molecular sieve production lines begin to product qualifi`ed product.
General Products
Molecular Sieve - 3A / 4A / 5A /10X/ 13X
Activated Zeolite Powder - 3A / 4A / 5A / 13X
Carbon Molecular Sieve - 200 / 220 / 240
Specially Developed Molecular Sieve
PSA 5A - Hydrogen Purification
3A-EPG - Ethylene, Propylene Dehydration
JLNSP Series for gas drying, CO2 removal, H2S removal and Mercaptan Removal
JLHX-200 (CaLSX) for N2, CO and CH4 removal
JLEDG - Ethanol Dehydration
IG Series - Insulating Glass
JLOX-300 Series-High Performance for Cryogenic Air Separation
JLOX-100 (LiLSX)-VPSA Oxygen Generator
JLOX-500 -PSA Oxygen Generator
Lab Instrument - Advanced and Full Range Test Instrument Makes Quality Control Precise and Easy.
Surface Area And Porosity
Carle Fischer
Crush Strength
Loss On Attrition
Laser Particle Size Analyzer
CO2 Breakthrough Testing
PPU pilot for ASU, inlet air flow rate: 180 Nm3/hr
Pilot plant for VPSA, outlet oxygen flow rate: 30 Nm3/hrZeolite Powder price
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